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The theory of Relativity: the secret of the 100 chain stores


[direct reporting network Beijing May 18th news] (PO brother relative theory) I have a friend opened the hundreds of chain pharmacies.
A drugstore have thousands of products, commonly used drugs, Chinese herbal medicine, home medical equipment, health food, nutrition food, daily necessities and so on. These products come from a lot of different suppliers, inventory management is a very difficult thing. How to make the product neither backlog, and not out of stock? How to let suppliers know what kind of products sell well?
To solve this problem, he only did one thing.
We may guess that in the Internet era, with a set of information management system can be solved well! Right, but his way is to let the supplier to manage their own.
Suppliers as long as log in to your account, you can see their own product sales, inventory and how much, what time need replenishment. If you forget to log in, the system will automatically call his contact phone, inventory warning. According to product promotion activities, the system can also be flexible to modify parameters, such as sales of a product during the event is usually 3 times the amount of inventory warning will be adjusted accordingly.
This system is not just a problem of inventory management. Supplier through data analysis, can know what products sell very well, in which shop sell good, good at what time to sell, you can more accurately understand the consumer demand, according to the demand to product development and promotion, so as to better serve the customers.
This model, with the words we are very popular today is: big data, cloud services.
What does a healthy cloud bring to us?
There is also a great cloud. Health cloud.
What's in a healthy cloud?
Big data for customers and partners. In simple terms, the health cloud is a personal health management file that can be continuously updated.
What is the use of these data?
Let each person accurately understand their health status, and achieve personalized health management.
Every time after the end of the carnival, three health industrial park will be very busy. The difference is that before we visit in the bustling, and this year is in line for gene acquisition.
Genetic testing, but the beginning of personalized health management. The future of the health of the cloud is not only everyone's genetic testing report, there will be a medical report, cancer and other early risk detection report, and with you every time, the data are constantly updated. You can log in to your health management system, access their health report at any time, you can according to these reports give health advice, according to the nature of disease prevention and health conditioning, guide our way of life; you can also according to the risk assessment results to buy their own health insurance; if suffering from disease, these reports can also become the basis for medical diagnosis, to guide treatment.
This is a set of health health management scheme based on large data, is full of ecological life quality management three.
To help everyone to master their own health password, we are ready. What about you? 3
(original title: Bao brother Relativity: easy to manage the secret of the 100 chain stores
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