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Gu Runjin: the Chinese overseas Chinese public


[direct network reported that Beijing May 11 hearing (public times) of the ancient, perfect (China) Co., Ltd., chairman of the board of directors, Southeast Asia famous philanthropist, community leaders and entrepreneurs. Investment in China for over 20 years in P. R. China lead the perfect company adhere to the concept of public welfare "taken from society, with the society", and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, public spirited philanthropy, efforts to promote the Chinese world harmony together.
Live quotations
"I come from Malaysia, the third generation of Chinese, I hope that China is strong, returnees of Chinese people work harder to repay the motherland!"
In investment in China for more than 20 years of P. R. China lead perfect integrity management, pay taxes according to law, for consumers to provide quality products and services, for dealers to provide career development opportunities at the same time, the succession of the humanity spirit of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, adhere to the concept of public welfare "taken from society, with the society", and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, public spirited philanthropy, efforts to promote the Chinese world harmony together.
1994, the beginning of the enterprise has not yet profitable business, Gu Runjin, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, 100 thousand yuan donation charity hospital. 1997 ancient Runjin went to Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, donated the first perfect hope primary school, thus ancient Runjin and hope engineering indissoluble bound, now, more than 100 perfect hope schools across the country.
In December 2000, the National Women's Federation held a "mother water cellar" Fundraising Charity Activities in Beijing, invited to participate in the ancient gold run. Although the company was in a difficult period of transition, but still to mother water cellar project donation 100 million yuan and 50 million yuan materials, became the first response to mother water cellar project contributions to the enterprise.
In all of the charitable donation, ancient gold run is the most valued education. As a friendly envoy, in 2009 the ancient Runjin affinity pro, full participation and promote the "hundreds of hope project, perfect messenger of love to visit Malaysia, contributed to the hope project, for the first time, overseas funded projects. In September 2010, he once again joined hands with the China Youth Development Foundation will be held love hand, hope engineering and perfection Malaysia little angel of joy Expo "activities, hundreds of Malaysian Chinese adolescents and 100 from poor rural China hope elementary school children, the quake hit Yushu primary and middle school students, and swim together on behalf of the teachers and students in Beijing, Shanghai World Expo, for the Malaysia Youth Friendship erects the bridge. At the same time, 9 by the spontaneous formation of the Malaysia youth project team, independent design and public welfare projects, the same show creative commonweal, communicate the concept of public service, the project involves youth education and health, energy saving and emission reduction, vulnerable groups care. Ancient gold run support of RMB 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan for each team project funds, to implement the winning team of public projects, hope in adolescent horses in practice realize their dream of the public.
In 2011, 2012 P. R. China personally organized led to participate in "the Chinese education in Malaysia elite Chinese perfect" and "Fujian culture into Thailand, Malaysia" activities, hope that through their own actions, influence and lead the local Chinese community care, in Chinese education. In September 2012, he was employed as the Regents of the University of Jinan admitted: "support for Chinese education is a conducive to the development of the overseas Chinese community event."
In the face of disaster, Gu Runjin also generous. The Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the ancient gold run the first time rushed to the Embassy of the people's Republic of China Embassy in Malaysia donate 20 ringgit (about 40 million yuan), and in the local disaster relief fundraising rushing planned and organized relief charity gala, this is also the time of overseas for the earthquake stricken areas of China held the largest fundraiser raised money 700 ringgit (about 14 million yuan).
Gu Runjin was the most influential charity Leader Award
P. R. China continues to charity and public welfare behavior, duty bound to play folk "goodwill ambassador", Riliwanji, at the same time, went to the plateau Qinghai Yushu in perfect seismic hope school foundation stone laying ceremony, visit the Ya'an, Sichuan earthquake disaster investigation perfect hope primary school site, shows his dedication to charity.
Charity has become the promotion of ancient gold run career development. As he said: "my little is to rely on charity people generous donations to complete their studies, and now they have the ability to try to do more, but also a heritage of Thanksgiving. Shi Bishou more blessed, donate money, the more it will spur and motivate yourself harder to make money, and then will earn the money donated to the society, forming a virtuous circle, the pursuit of perfection until close. " 3
(original title: Gu Runjin: the Chinese public welfare community)
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