2021-09-13 14:17


The sales model behind Melaleuca's "sustainable income" is suspected of MLM


[Beijing Direct News Network September 13th] (Reverse transmission combination)According to the official survey, Melaleuca was founded in the United States in 1985, and its founder, Vanders, has settled in the Chinese market since 2003, that is, Melaleuca (China) China daily necessities Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, the legal representative is Thomas Kendall Knutson, and the registered capital is us $12.01 million. In November 2007, the company obtained the direct selling qualification recognized by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China. At present, it has opened direct stores and 28 health life halls in 16 cities in China.

Can environmental protection products or ordinary products cure diseases?

Melaleuca's products are divided into four series. The first series is household cleaning series. The second series is nutritional auxiliary food series. The third series is shuibeina skin beauty care series, and the fourth series is Youzhi life body care series. Focusing on environmental protection, health, wealth and freedom to attract people. Each series has many popular single products. Among them, a popular single product, Noni compound juice, claims to be effective in treating cancer and diabetes. The following is a case of nori compound juice in the treatment of tumors. A woman said that her mother had tumors and that after drinking nori juice for a year, the tumors resisted. However, from the online search for Melaleuca, you can see many netizens' complaints. Melaleuca's health products not only can not improve immunity, but also children have vomiting and diarrhea and abdominal pain after taking them. Known as the environmental protection laundry liquid, the foam is very big, washing machine cleaning four or five times or foam. The moisturizer packaging bottle is defective and cannot be taken with you. It will overflow when placed flat, etc. Some netizens also said that jialemei's health products have not passed the national test, so they are simply sold in the form of food. The actual packaging does not have the qualification of health products, so they dare not write the efficacy. The efficacy is basically advocated by members.

Continuous income wealth dream involving MLM

In the WeChat group chat, we have a system of work for us to work for. We can build a pipeline revenue through several years' accumulation. We can have our life in every month, and we can pass it on to our next generation. Here we have the advantages of being a boss, not worrying about the boss, making business bigger and smaller, making more money and earning less has the final say. I brainwash you that you don't have to hoard goods to win. I teach you to make a list, close to your parents and relatives, far away from passers-by, and pull members to search the money bags of people around you.

Melaleuca's members are divided into four levels: Ordinary members, silver card members, gold card members and package members. Each grade needs to pay a deposit fee of 340 yuan and a member service fee of 68 yuan. However, after joining the club, members need to maintain a certain consumption threshold, and Melaleuca will automatically deduct the credit card bound by members. Ordinary members and silver card members pay 340 yuan, gold card members 500 yuan and package members 550 yuan.

Pay system - a matrix system with five widths and seven depths. Melaleuca's matrix system includes five ranks: D, SD, ED, CD and PD. There are 37 ranks from basic rank d to advanced rank PD. Each rank has corresponding direct recommendation award, organization income award, promotion bonus, cultivation bonus, vehicle and horse allowance, dividend and other bonuses. Among them, the direct recommendation award includes new customer excellence award, value package bonus, customer renewal bonus and marketing staff Commission. The more referrals, the higher the proportion of bonus.