2021-07-07 11:17


Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd.: Taking honor as incentive to realize high quality development


[Beijing Direct News NetworkJuly 7th] (Global network)In the past 2020, the production and operation of enterprises are facing many challenges. Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd. has always insisted on doing a good job in its main business, constantly improving its operation and management mode, increasing investment in scientific research and innovation, and striving to build up the three cornerstones of "party building, quality and integrity".

By the end of 2020, Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd. has successively won the certificate of "high tech enterprise" issued by Beijing Science and Technology Commission, and the certificate of "statistical integrity enterprise in 2020" issued by Daxing District Bureau of statistics and Daxing District Economic and social investigation team.

Focus on research and innovation

The identification of high-tech enterprises mainly combines the core independent intellectual property rights, the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, the organization and management level of research and development, the growth index and other factors for comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation is the recognition and support of the company's R & D and innovation capabilities.

R & D investment represents innovation and the future. Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd. is consciously promoting a new development cycle in the future by increasing investment and encouraging innovation. For example, it has completed the pharmacodynamics research on Morinda officinalis oligosaccharide capsule in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia in depression. The research shows that the product has the function of improving anxiety behavior in depression.

From March 2019 to August 2020, Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd. and Tongrentang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine jointly completed the clinical efficacy of Tongrentang Dahuoluo pill in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. The research results provide objective basis for TCM treatment of knee osteoarthritis, improving symptoms and long-term clinical benefits, and provide convenient and effective Chinese patent medicine for clinical treatment of knee osteoarthritis patients. At present, the academic paper has been published in the core journal World Journal of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

In the future, Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd. will continue to increase investment in research and innovation. At the same time, with the help of artificial intelligence, big data and digitization, it will fully implement electronic supervision code to further improve product quality control and refine products.

Pay attention to honest management

In more than 350 years of inheritance and development, Tongrentang people have always followed the old maxim of "although processing is complicated, they dare not save labor, although taste is expensive, they dare not reduce material resources". The concept of integrity has been deeply rooted in every employee's heart and implemented in every work. The "statistical integrity enterprise" this time represents the approval of the regulatory authorities for the work of Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd.

Statistical work is an important part of the business philosophy of integrity, the company's statistical work has been highly concerned by the leadership, and given strong support. Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd. is committed to continuously improving the quality of statistical data. From the refinement of statistical indicators to the collection, summary and reporting of grass-roots data, each link has strict audit control, so as to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, timeliness and integrity of statistical data. At the same time, through the company's internal LAN, the communication and data transfer between statisticians are realized, which ensures the efficient and timely transmission of statistical data.

It is understood that in 2020, Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd. also won a number of other honors and won the "top 100 series list of China's pharmaceutical industry in 2019"; Won the "top 100 listed companies of China in 2020" award; Won the "best sustainable investment value award", "best board of directors award of listed company" and "most valuable listed company" Awards

Beijing Tongrentang shares will be an incentive to inherit the essence, keep up with innovation, gather power and improve efficiency, lead the high quality development with high-quality party building, and unite with a strong sense of mission, sense of responsibility and urgency to lead the party members and cadres and workers to strive to become the leading traditional Chinese medicine industry group in China.