2021-07-07 11:13


Dong'e donkey hide gelatin: Invigorating industrial heritage and stimulating innovation momentum


[Beijing Direct News NetworkJuly 7th] (Xinhuanet)Industrial heritage is an important part of human historical and cultural heritage. In the post industrial era, properly handling the relationship between protection and development, paying attention to the continuation of the historical context of the city, respecting and treating the old buildings in the city, and preserving the historical and cultural memory of the city have become the important tasks of the development of culture and tourism in the "fourteenth Five Year Plan" period.

New formats help live inheritance of industrial heritage

Dong'e-jiao seizes the opportunity of the implementation of the major project to transform the old and new kinetic energy, carries out the functional transformation of the old project area, and plans the dong'e-jiao factory (No. 78 site) to form a whole industry chain experience tourist attraction. On June 11, 2021, during the Fifth China Industrial Culture Summit forum, it is recognized as the third batch of national industrial heritage. The former site 78 of Dong'e donkey hide gelatin factory was founded in 1969. Up to 2003, the former site 78 witnessed every technological change and cultural development of Dong'e donkey hide gelatin in 34 years. In 2017, based on the principle of protecting the industrial heritage, Dong'e donkey hide gelatin meticulously built a modern, simple, fashionable and industrial style donkey hide gelatin cultural theme hotel through the innovation of materials, structure, structure and construction technology, which realized the successful relay of the economic engine of the old factory.

No.78 site of Dong'e donkey hide gelatin factory was awarded national industrial heritage

Cross border integration to build brand influence

Nowadays, the experience projects such as Dong'e donkey hide gelatin culture theme hotel, experience corridor, flying cinema and experience Museum in the old factory area together constitute the tourism format of "eating, living, traveling, shopping, entertainment, learning, thinking and health". In particular, the cultural theme hotel of dong'e-jiao completely retains the style changes of productive construction industry in different times in the early 50 years of dong'e-jiao, and retains the precious memory of the times. For young tourists, it can help them better understand the lifestyle and industrial culture since the 1970s.

As a unique urban landscape in Dong'e County, Shandong Province, the brick by brick of the old workshop condenses the hard work and sweat of the old generation of E-Jiao people, vividly telling the old memory of the hard work and hard work of dong'e-jiao people. It is not only the material carrier of industrial culture, but also contains the inheritance of craftsman spirit which has always been advocated and respected in our country.

In addition to the cultural theme hotel of dong'e-jiao, dong'e-jiao integrates the three industries to build the tourism operation mode of the whole industry chain according to the development mode of the whole industry chain, and constructs the dong'e-jiao City, donkey theme park, China E-Jiao Museum and donkey museum to build the tourism framework of "three parks and two museums". The characteristic culture of Dong'e donkey hide gelatin is listed as the key element in the development of tourism industry, providing tourists with experiential, personalized, temperature and unique tourism products to realize the experience of five senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Let tourists fully understand the rich characteristic culture of dong'e-jiao and feel the brand influence of dong'e-jiao in a short distance.

Innovating kinetic energy to build economic growth point

The "old plant" has become a high-quality platform for accelerating kinetic energy conversion. In the next step, dong'e'jiao will take the development of experience tourism platform as a new starting point, and build a comprehensive tourism industry gathering area integrating tourism entertainment, health experience, leisure and vacation by continuously improving service details, developing more characteristic projects, and developing smart tourism construction, so as to promote the upgrading and development of characteristic industrial tourism. Strive to build Donge Ejiao experience tourism platform into a "loud business card" attracting tourists in Shandong Province.