2020-11-12 13:57


Special report: Kangting constructs innovative product system with the Bureau of scientific research breaking


[Beijing Direct News Network November 12th] (Beijing News)"In the era of economic globalization, the ability of scientific and technological innovation is the embodiment of national strength, the driving force of enterprise development, and the guarantee of enterprise survival and market competition." Liu Xiaobing, chairman of Kangting group, said that Kangting group always adheres to the mission of "focusing on health, caring for life and benefiting human beings", adheres to its original intention, breaks the situation with scientific research, builds a platform for scientific and technological innovation, accelerates the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promotes high performance growth, and provides the source for the sustainable and healthy development of the group.

Deeply plough into the big health industry and transform the new business form of "the third transformation"

Tianjin Kangting bioengineering Group Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise, which has been committed to building Kangting health closed-loop industrial chain ecosystem. Kangting group is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of cosmetics, food, health food, life science research and wearable medical device research, as well as medical services and health management services.

Kangting's big health strategy is a three-level comprehensive modern hospital under the leadership of the group, taking the big health industry as the development direction, taking the intelligent software network system overall management as the method, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care as one of the key disciplines, with obvious characteristics and multi center collaborative development, and taking the health management center, medical cosmetology center, tumor treatment center, obstetrics and gynecology (maternal) as the main subject Infant care center, biological treatment center and rehabilitation medical center are the key development medical centers with domestic high-end medical technology, management team and advanced medical equipment.

Tianjin Kanghui hospital, which was prepared by Kangting group in 2017, is located in Saida Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Xiqing District, Tianjin. The hospital covers an area of 192 mu, with a planned construction area of 460000 square meters and an investment of 5 billion yuan. In August 2019, the hospital officially started construction. On June 29, 2020, with the successful first hoisting ceremony of steel structure, it indicates that the construction of Tianjin Kanghui hospital will reach a new level. At present, 80% of the underground infrastructure construction has been completed.

In addition, Tianjin Kanghui Technologies Center (GmbH) takes Tianjin Kanghui Medical Technology Co., Ltd. as the investment subject, and is subordinate to Tianjin Kangting bioengineering Group Co., Ltd., which was officially registered in Munich, Germany in February 2020. At present, the medical equipment with high precision of medical equipment and medical equipment can be developed in aubren City, which can be equipped with high-precision medical equipment and medical equipment in aubren.

The core resource for the sustainable development of high-tech enterprises lies in the full development and utilization of talents. The technical team has attracted a number of high-end technical talents, which are jointly established by doctors, masters and senior engineers from Germany and China. They all have many years of working experience in large international chip enterprises.

At the same time, a transformation laboratory has been set up in the headquarters of Kangting group in China, which is mainly responsible for the new product transformation, production line construction and quality system establishment of the R & D department, so as to accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements. At present, the transformation laboratory is undertaking the technical data related to the prototype of the German project team, realizing the preparation of core components and prototype test and assembly in China, and establishing relevant workflow, so as to connect the work of German R & D team in real time.

Supported by Tianjin Kanghui (Germany) technology center, Kangting group takes the clinical service and health management service of Tianjin Kanghui hospital as the platform, and relies on the international advanced technology and excellent talents to improve the market response ability, coordination, resource utilization ability and independent innovation ability of the enterprise. Through the implementation of this project, the group and the company can achieve a breakthrough in small medical technology and equipment, so as to improve the enterprise's high-level scientific research ability, international talent training ability, laboratory international operation and management ability, expand the business field and market scope of the group, improve the profitability, and provide technical support for the sustainable development of the enterprise.