2020-05-07 14:21


Is "all people in charge" app a myth or a pyramid scheme?


[Beijing Direct News Network May 7th] (Social Finance)Recently, social finance found a "true love letter to pay homage to the whole people" on a wechat subscription account called "the whole people run the family". The letter mentioned that the whole people run the family by the end of March this year was questioned by many media, even reported anonymously and extorted. The letter was written on May 2 by Dong Jianlin, CEO of all China.

So, why are the people in power questioned? Is it groundless or want to cover up? Let's find out.

Static income and dynamic income model

Public information shows that the national e-commerce platform is a comprehensive and diversified service platform set up by multiple enterprises, institutions, industries and elites. We have invested heavily to build the "six major sectors" of the nationwide e-commerce platform, starting from meeting the social and family needs, and through o2o + F2C + VIP "new retail" marketing mode, to improve family living standards, change family health, and enjoy high-quality life at home.

Social finance is listed in the public number of WeChat public number, which is called "the whole nation". The official account of the official account of the Shandong public health company limited lists the seven advantages of the whole nation. The first one is "consumption creates wealth, zero threshold, great opportunity, all-round, easy to copy and easy to operate".

According to tianyancha, Shandong yijialong Health Consulting Co., Ltd. was founded on May 20, 2019 with a registered capital of 3 million, paid in capital and insured number of 0, legal representative of Yang Tao, major shareholder of Liu Guangming, and registered trademark of tonglifu (05 medicine).

"From Monday to Saturday, the app will repeat a transaction once a week, and the price difference profit will be obtained," said one member who is in charge of the app. Take the retail sales of 1190 yuan and wholesale sales of 440 yuan and 1.5 sets of products for example: the total working capital of this single order is 1630 yuan, and 1785 yuan is returned with interest from the principal, that is to say, 155 yuan of price difference profit is generated. Because 70% of the income is withdrawn, 1738.5 yuan is returned with interest from the principal to the withdrawable commission account. " "Income algorithm: each income is 155 yuan x 26 yuan / month = 4030 yuan / month x 70% withdrawal x 98% (minus 2% handling fee) = 2764.58 yuan / month x 10% to public welfare fund x 10% to consumption point shopping x 10% to pass (digital currency). For a static account, the use of working capital is about 10000 yuan, and the annual net income is 2764.58 yuan x 12 months = 33000 yuan / year, plus 312 sets of authentic high-quality goods. " The appeal member said.

In addition, social finance and economics also noted that the national retail model package can be divided into four levels according to different investment amounts: package 1: the retail amount is 1190, the wholesale amount is 440, the sale time (6-10 days) is 1785 yuan, and the income is 155 yuan; package 2: the retail amount is 1690, the wholesale amount is 650, the sale time (6-10 days) is 2535 yuan, and the income is 195 yuan; Package 3: the retail amount is 2190, the wholesale amount is 820, the success of selling for 6-10 days is 3285 yuan, and the income is 275 yuan; package 4: the retail amount is 2890, the wholesale amount is 1120, the success of selling for 8-10 days is 4335 yuan, and the income is 325 yuan.

Sharing rewards: austerity (36 hours) - 1190 package 1 market 50 yuan, 2 market 30 yuan; 1690 package 1 market 60 yuan, 2 market 40 yuan; 2190 package 1 market 70 yuan, 2 market 50 yuan; 2890 package 1 market 80 yuan, 2 market 60 yuan.

Team reward: push five people directly, tighten (36 hours), level difference:

Dealer: 30 orders / day - 20 yuan / day; district agent: 70 orders / day - 30 yuan / day;

City agent: 180 orders / day - 40 yuan / order, 1 dealer + 1 district agent in different areas of the team;

Provincial agent: 400 orders / day - 50 yuan / order, 2 dealers + 1 regional agent in different areas of the team;

Partners: 900 orders / day - 60 yuan / day, 2 distributors + 2 district agents in different areas of a single team;

Directors: 2000 orders / day - 70 yuan / day, 3 distributors + 3 district agents in different areas of the team;