2020-02-06 14:58


Weekly review: at present, the great epidemic can't hurt the "ferryman"


[Beijing Direct News Network February 6th](Xinhua net)Recently, two doctors in Wuhan were beaten by a family member of a pneumonia patient infected with a new coronavirus, and their protective clothing was torn. As soon as the news came out, it immediately aroused great public concern. People are keen to care about the injuries of the doctors concerned and condemn those who hit people at the same time. At present, Qiaokou police in Wuhan have filed a criminal case and detained Ke, the attacker, according to law.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, similar cases of medical injuries caused by illness and violence have not been isolated. In Wuhan, a patient was refused to take home a thermometer and a mask from the emergency department and chased after a nurse. In Jingzhou, some confirmed patients knew that they were ill and didn't wear a mask properly, even opened the mask to jet and spit on their faces. In the atmosphere of the whole nation working together to fight against the epidemic and pay homage to the most beautiful "rebel", these psychological distortions and behaviors are especially dazzling and ugly. They are against the law, are difficult to face, and are not enough to level the people's indignation, show justice and build integrity without severe punishment according to law.

Kindness makes courage. The medical experts represented by academician Zhong Nanshan, as well as the medical staff from all over the country who have been called out to help Wuhan, are fearless and retrograde in the face of the choice of life and death. They race against time, declare war on the epidemic, and fight selflessly in the front line of the epidemic, which fully embodies the great love of doctors and the professional responsibility of saving the dead and helping the wounded. They are like a barrier between the epidemic and us, providing us with shelter and helping us through the difficulties. We should pay tribute to them, praise them, hold hands with them, support each other, share weal and woe, and overcome difficulties together.

If relatives are not treated, their feelings can be compassionate; the epidemic situation is rampant, and people are depressed. But doctors are human beings or gods, limited by the existing level of medical technology. As the saying goes, "sometimes to cure, often to help, always to comfort", doctors are often powerless in the face of fragile life. What's more, what we are facing now is a sudden epidemic situation. There are too many unknowns about the pathogenesis and treatment methods, and medical experts are racing against time to study and solve it. No matter how many bad emotions we have and how much psychological pressure we have, we can't repay our good by complaining and take the doctor to vent our anger. In the face of the great epidemic, our common enemy is the virus. We are all in the same boat to fight against it. The Chinese nation has always been benevolent, righteous and harmonious. In the face of disaster, we need to carry forward the spirit of harmony, establish a peaceful state, think in a different way, understand each other, be grateful, look after each other and help each other, take into account the overall situation, speak of righteousness, and gather strength, so as to help win the prevention and control of the epidemic and more fuel, without adding blocking and chaos.

At the same time, these medical injuries also remind us that in the epidemic, no matter the patients, their families, medical care groups, home quarantine people are most likely to breed panic, irritability, anxiety and other adverse emotions. It is very necessary to attach importance to the construction of social psychology as a part of the whole prevention and control of the epidemic, take effective and effective intervention measures in time, cultivate, cultivate and keep calm in the whole society, at the same time, resolve grievances, eliminate grumpiness, dispel turbidity, gather the strong positive energy to fight against the epidemic and win the prevention and control of the epidemic.