2020-02-06 14:35


Ouyang article: enhancing confidence is the key to direct selling enterprises and "epidemic"


[Beijing Direct News Network February 6th](Ouyang article)Over the past few days, direct selling enterprises have fought "epidemic" side by side in Wuhan, expressing a strong sense of social responsibility of direct selling enterprises, which has been widely praised by the government and society. The new coronavirus is in a dangerous situation, which has a serious impact on China's economic development. Therefore, enhancing confidence should also be the essence of direct selling enterprises and "epidemic".

In recent days, the voice of Xibei and other leading restaurants, Ctrip, Caesar and other tourism enterprises "asking for help" began to appear on the Internet. On February 3, although the long-term positive trend of the capital market did not change, the stock market still fell sharply at the beginning of trading, which is actually the release of market worries. In the direct selling industry, some direct selling enterprises are also worried. They think that the spread of new crown virus hinders the development of direct selling market. This year's development situation of direct selling industry may be more severe than 2019.

It is understandable to have such a sense of suffering. At present, the epidemic has the greatest impact on the tertiary industry. With the transformation of economic structure, the proportion of tertiary industry in China's GDP has been increasing in recent years. In 2003, the proportion of tertiary industry was 40% in SARS, and in 2019, it has risen to 53.9%. Look at consumption. The contribution rate of final consumption expenditure to GDP growth in 2019 is 57.8%. The area most seriously affected by the epidemic is precisely the consumer market. Some experts estimate that if we only consider the three industries with the greatest impact, namely, film box office, catering retail and tourism market, the direct economic loss will exceed 1 trillion yuan in just seven days. The direct selling industry belongs to the third industry, and the direct selling market is an important part of the whole consumer market. Therefore, the epidemic will certainly have a significant impact on the development of direct selling enterprises, and it is reasonable that confidence in the development of direct selling will be frustrated.

However, it is not advisable to have a sense of crisis. We should also see the major decision-making and deployment of the central and local governments in the war on "epidemic", the positive actions of the masses in the war on "epidemic", and the initial results of the national war on "epidemic", so as to enhance our confidence and open up a new situation for the development of direct marketing in 2020.

On the one hand, epidemic prevention and control is still the most important work at present, but we cannot ignore the impact and impact of the epidemic on the direct selling industry. We should focus on the "six stability" work put forward by the Central Committee and be ready to deal with various complex and difficult situations. At present, an urgent task is to give the direct selling enterprises "reassurance" as soon as possible and stabilize the confidence of the direct selling enterprises. The government's new incentive policies and measures for the development of direct selling should be studied, issued and implemented early, which will effectively eliminate market concerns, stabilize, consolidate and enhance the confidence of direct selling enterprises in fighting against the impact and impact of the epidemic. The policies and measures introduced one day earlier can not only make the direct selling enterprises calm down, fight the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control, but also create a favorable environment for the direct selling enterprises to recover the market, so as to minimize the harm of the epidemic to the direct selling industry.

On the other hand, after the festival, direct selling enterprises should study countermeasures, overcome difficulties, take development as the first priority, and promote the rapid and high-quality development of direct selling industry. We should understand that the impact of the epidemic on the economy is periodic and temporary, and will not change the fundamentals of China's long-term economic growth. International Monetary Fund President Georgieva also believes that China's economy will continue to maintain a strong resilience, which the IMF is full of confidence. Under the condition that the fundamentals and development toughness of China's economy have not changed for a long time, direct selling enterprises should think about countermeasures and take measures as early as possible to boost their confidence in the development of direct selling. At present, we should direct confidence in direct selling personnel and guide them to develop direct selling market through "Internet +", so that they can see hope and keep expectations. At the same time, we should develop more and better health care products, put them on the market as soon as possible, and increase the coverage of the whole direct marketing market. Moreover, we should further accelerate the grafting with social e-commerce, establish the "air advantage" of direct marketing market, and march into the depth and breadth of direct marketing market.